QUESTION: What is the AIDC EC’s big thing?

ANSWER:  We are striving to catapult the Eastern Cape’s manufacturing industry – with a focus on automotive – to a higher level.  Our vision is for the implementation of mega-projects in the region that make a seismic shift to the economy.

QUESTION: What projects in specific:

ANSWER: We have been making good progress on the development in the region of a globally networked Smart Industry Skills Academy in partnership with VWSA and Deutsche Messe – which can train and equip our people with skills demanded of industry in the FIR.

QUESTION: What else do you need to keep industry informed of?

ANSWER: The promotion of these visions requires a great deal of energy and communication, while at the same time we continue  to offer and promote our regular programs and services to industry, including shopfloor improvement programs in TPM, Six Sigma, Cleaner Production, QMS, Enterprise Development, Wellness and Skills Development.

QUESTION: Which marketing channels do you find most useful?

ANSWER: We have to use a variety, including our website, regular direct newsletters, organised events, personal networking and selected social media because our audience is not only industry but also government and increasingly international partners.  Nothing can match direct meetings, but these are not always practical when the volume and geographic distance of audiences increase.