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Connecting companies to their target market

Multimedia Design

Let us connect you to, build loyalty with or enamour your brand to your clients and stakeholders with  world-class,  multi-media design including:

logo and brand conceptualisation


video and pod casts

website development

digital marketing

mass mailing and database management

signage and branding

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Marketing Communication

Linguistics students analyse the written and spoken word to a level that is remarkably revealing of things that may not necessarily even have been overtly expressed.

The use of words and copy and their interplay with imagery, is not only essential to meaning and tone but the channels through which they are conveyed are as important in reaching and moving target audiences to positive action.

In our view all communication must be directed towards achieving a specific outcome or action.  That is where an understanding of strategic intent becomes essential.  A strategic orientation comes only from experience of the business world in which our clients compete and the sensitivities, biases and leanings of various stakeholder groupings that operate within various sectors.

Inkanyezi has years of exposure to a range of sectors and a deep understanding of what motivates players in these sectors.

So while words come easy to us, we do not let them loose without being charged with strategic intent and potential to make a difference.

Our marketing communications basket includes:

  • development of copy and direction for newsletters,
  • reports,
  • video production/podcasts
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • presentations,
  • branding,
  • billboards and signage
  • media releases,
  • multi-media campaigns
  • building and maintaining client databases, and
  • adverts

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Event Management

An event for an event’s sake is worthless. We take pride in ensuring that the management of yours achieves the intended goal – mostly this is sales and brand equity or brand loyalty which ultimately leads to … sales.  In the event of an internal function the outcome is loyalty and productivity gains.

Of course we will take away all the hassles of the logistics, but go deeper to assist you in ensuring that the right people are present in numbers….and that their experience and contact with your brand moves them towards your own objectives.

Conferences and Exhibitions remain a particular strength of ours, having conceptualised and materialised international expos of all sizes and sorts in various sectors from education and automotive to conservation and agriculture.

Our team possesses unique and comprehensive  skills including exhibition and visitor  sales or attendance, marketing and  supplier and site management.  We will also set-up a fully automated booking system for you and manage invoices, payments and reports for a complete turn-key solution.

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International Clients

Inkanyezi International Flyer

South Africa’s currency weakness, or the strong exchange rate between your country and South Africa means that you benefit from our design and marketing services at a fraction of the cost. One design hour for example is valued at R400 or 26, 68 € / 30, 30 US$.
Our location at GMT +2hours means that we are open when most of Africa and Europe is.
What is more, is that we have a multi-lingual (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) account manager that will interface directly with you to ensure that language and culture are no barrier.

La debolezza della moneta sudafricana così come il tasso di cambio favorevole vi permette di usufruire dei nostri servizi di Marketing e Design ad un prezzo competitivo. Ad esempio:un’ ora di sessione design è offerta a 400ZAR, ovvero 26, 68€ – 30, 30$.

Siamo localizzati nel fusorario GMT +2 che ci consente di avere gli stessi orari lavorativi di maggior parte dei paesi Europei ed Africani.
In aggiunta, abbiamo come parte del nostro staff un Account Manager poliglotta ( Italiano, Spagnolo, Portoghese, Inglese, Francese) che comunicherà direttamente con voi per assicurarsi che la lingua e le differenze culturali non siano un ostacolo.

La fraqueza de la moneda sudafricana así como la tasa de cambio vos permite de beneficiarse de nuestros servicios de Marketing y Design a un precio competitivo. Por ejemplo: nestras sesíones de design son ofrecidas al precio de 400 ZAR por hora, es decir 26,68 € – 30,30 $.

Estamos localizados en la zona horaria GMT +2 , eso nos permite de haber las mismas horas de trabajo de la mayoría de los países Europeos y Africanos.
Además tenemos en nuestro equipo un Account Manager poliglota (Italiano, Español, Portugués, Inglés y Francés) que va a comunicar directamente con vosotros asì que la lengua y las diferencias culturales no sean un obstáculo.

A fraqueza da moeda corrente Sul-africana e a taxa de câmbio favorável vós permite de beneficiar dos nossos serviços de Marketing e Design à un preço competitivo. Uma hora de serviço de Design custa apenas ZAR 400, quer dizer 26,68 € – 30,30 $. Estamos localizados no fuso horário GMT +2 , que nos permite de ter os mesmos horários comerciais da maioria dos países Europeos e Africanos.

Além disso temos no nosso pessoal um Account Manager poliglota (Italiano, Espanhol, Francês, Português e Inglês) que comunicará diretamente convosco para garantir que a língua e as diferenças culturais não sejam um problema.

La faiblesse de la monnaie Sud Africaine ou le fort taux d’echange entre votre pays et l’Afrique du Sud signifie que vous beneficiez de nos services de conception et marketing a une fraction du prix . Par example, une conception est evaluee a R 400 ou 26,68 EURO, 30,30US $.

Notre emplacement est à GMT +2 heures, cela signifie que nous sommes ouverts lorsque la majeure partie de l’Afrique et de l’Europe l’est .
En plus, nous avons un gestionnaire de compte qui est polyglotte ( Francais, Espagnole, Portuguais, Italien ) qui pourra interagir directement avec vous pour assurer que la langue et la culture ne soient pas une barriere.



With support from government and industry the Cluster will host a B2B and B2C exhibition and conference during the second half of 2018 aimed at providing role-players with market access opportunities, both national and international. The trade event is designed around...

CEO of Inkanyezi Events elected as the new EXSA President

CEO of Inkanyezi Events elected as the new EXSA President

NEW PRESIDENT FOR EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS BODY Andrew Binning, CEO of Inkanyezi Events, has been elected as the new President  of one of South Africa’s  largest business associations, The Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA). Binning took office...



Inkanyezi is assisting Lension SA, Africa's first manufacturer of biodegradable plastic bags, transform South Africa's landscape, literally. Lension's innovative product range of plastic bags - the Baobag -  are produced with an ECM Biofilms additive, that is...

Eastern Cape Virtual Expo 23 & 24 July 2020 (08:30 – 17:00 on both days) SA GMT+2

BAIC Milestone Launch


In this video Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber President Thomas Schaefer encourages business to support the Working World Exhibition and its efforts to help curb unemployment.



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