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Marketing Communication

Linguistics students analyse the written and spoken word to a level that is remarkably revealing of things that may not necessarily even have been overtly expressed.

The use of words and copy and their interplay with imagery, is not only essential to meaning and tone but the channels through which they are conveyed are as important in reaching and moving target audiences to positive action.

In our view all communication must be directed towards achieving a specific outcome or action.  That is where an understanding of strategic intent becomes essential.  A strategic orientation comes only from experience of the business world in which our clients compete and the sensitivities, biases and leanings of various stakeholder groupings that operate within various sectors.

Inkanyezi has years of exposure to a range of sectors and a deep understanding of what motivates players in these sectors.

So while words come easy to us, we do not let them loose without being charged with strategic intent and potential to make a difference.

Our marketing communications basket includes: 

  • development of copy and direction for newsletters,
  • reports,
  • video production/podcasts
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • presentations,
  • branding,
  • billboards and signage
  • media releases,
  • multi-media campaigns
  • building and maintaining client databases, and
  • adverts